Birth of a Dream

When I was 25 years old I found myself restless and over weight. I was looking for change in my life and I had no idea where to find it. So, I decided to go skydiving; however, I weighed 274lbs and the weight limit was 240 pounds. I needed to loose weight and going to the gym was not that fun for me. So, I bought a mountain bike and changed my diet completely. Instead of going to the gym, I went outside. Challenging myself outdoors was what I needed; my whole being was now alive and happy.

I soon discovered rock climbing at my community college. Little did I know how much this would actually change me. Rock climbing awakened my soul, caused me to loose 90lbs, and completely transformed my routine. I learned self-efficacy and realized that unsatisfying work was not meant to take up the majority of my life. I learned that being outside could refresh my mind and soul. 

We have all tried to find ourselves at one point or another, we have all tried to get in shape in the gym, and we have all felt the boredom - or least I did. So, I said to myself, “Why go to the same old gym after hours of working at the same old place? Why not do an activity that makes me healthier and stronger while having fun?” Asking these questions made me re-analyze my goals. Essentially, this is what sparked my imagination for Dynamic Ascents. I asked myself, “Why not do something I love, and not merely something to make money?” So, I went to work chasing my passion. 

I simply had to show others the challenges you could face on the side of a mountain: fear of heights, exposure to the elements, the feeling of being lost. I set out to show all my friends the immense beauty of being close to the earth. In my mind I set out to make them feel human again and alive. I achieved my goal. After a weekend out on a 500ft cliff my friends felt they could deal with the tests and trials that both life and work threw at them during the week. They now gazed upon the mountains as I did. They realized the immense beauties of our planet from a place people rarely see. I knew had to share this feeling with every one, not just my friends. I was on my way to becoming a guide.

So, rock climbing is my passion, however, I found to introduce others to it is my calling. I want to show others that climbing can reduce anxiety when life’s challenges arise.

The sole purpose of climbing for me started as a way to better my life. So, I started Dynamic Ascents to be a part of the change in others lives. I want to give people more purpose. This was the birth of my dream and I never looked back.


Stay Tuned …

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