July 7 - Rescue

July 7 - Rescue


Learn the basic skills to get yourself & climbing partner out of an unexpected situation

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Location: Mission Gorge, San Diego CA

Time: 8am - 1pm


Knowing basic rescue techniques are crucial when you are out climbing with your friends. If you get your self into an unexpected situation, you should be able to get you and your partner out.  

You will learn:

·      Climber pick off

·      Belay take over

·      3:1 and 3:1 assist

·      Friction hitches

·      Rappelling

·      Auto block back up

·      Tips on basic first aid and materials

Experience Required: Our Anchors for Top Roping class OR our Sport Leading class OR equivalent personal climbing experience


minimum: 8yrs, all children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian

maximum: NONE