Owner & head guide

Certifications: AMGA SPI (2X) AMGA Rock Apprentice NOLS WFR CWI

Education: B.A. Geography Anthropology

Climbing Experience:  United States CanadaMexicoThailandMalaysiaEurope

“I started climbing in 2010 and it quickly became my passion. Since then, I have traveled all over the world for climbing, completed several certifications, and started Dynamic Ascents.

The excitement, satisfaction, and exploration I am able to introduce into people’s lives are incomparable – these are the reasons I started my own business. 

This year (2019) I plan on doing more certifications with the PCGI – I believe learning never stops, and I love staying up to date with current trends, techniques, and procedures to bring to my students.

I am stoked to be traveling more this year, climbing in Wyoming, Italy, Spain, and of course…getting back to Yosemite.” - Gavin


Camille Compean-Tesic

client realations, website management, photography

Education: B.A. Geography & Environmental Analysis Sociology Permaculture Design Beekeeping

Climbing Experience:  United States Canada

“The website, most of the emails, and behind the scenes business is my work with Dynamic Ascents. So, you will likely see me around at a class (probably with a camera) or chat with me over emails!

Climbing is an adventure that takes me to places out of the ordinary - places that I can continue to connect with this earth, botany, and all living creatures.” - Camille